Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wanna Be A Cowboy?

A close friend of mine is having a baby this summer. I wasn't planning on making something for them, but I came across this fabric. Let me give you a bit of background on Brian, so the baby fabric will make more sense.

Brian is a cowboy. A bona fide cowboy. Of course, he meets a sweet-as-can-be southern girl whose family raises horses. The rest of their story is history.

They're expecting a little girl sometime in June, but they aren't an over-the-top pink kind of couple. What I need is help picking the binding and backing for the baby quilt I am making them.

The quilt will be a tumbler quilt similar to this quilt.

The fabric I have picked is Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs' Wanna Be A Cowboy 2.
 I will use all of the fabrics shown above for the quilt top. What I am having trouble with is which two fabrics to pull for the binding and backing.

If I were to choose, I would choose this one as the backing:

And this one as the binding:

But, now I am second guessing myself. Should I choose one of the more kitschy designs for either the backing or binding (I guess the binding I chose is kind of kitschy)? Or should I add a bit more pink?

Any suggestions will be helpful. To see the whole palette, click HERE.


  1. SO CUTE! I actually REALLY like the horseshoes. And then I saw that there were PINK horseshoes! I would do a bit less pink on the front (relative to the other colors) and then have the pink horseshoes as the backing. And then I would do the white polka dots on the dark background as the binding. Haha--which is completely different than what you're asking, but now I want to make this quilt! (I do like what you originally chose, though.) So basically I'm just being unhelpful.

  2. That is great fabric! I like your choice for the backing, because then the front can be a "cowboy" quilt but the back is less themed. It would be like 2 quilts in one. Is the size of the horseshoes on the binding fabric accurate? I think you just want to make sure the pattern is small enough that it still comes through in a small area, like binding. I also like the colour palette being more reds and browns (although I am not a huge pink fan, so that is a biased opinion). I think it will make the quilt more versatile when the baby grows up. That's my 2 cents worth. I think it will be awesome whatever you decide!

  3. Thanks for the input from you both. It has definitely helped. And, Lindsey, I did think about the size of the horseshoes. From what I can tell, it is a pretty small print so I think the pattern will be visible in the binding. Dots are such an easy go-to for binding that I have definitely considered them as well.

  4. Cute! I'm also quite partial to the plaid backing as well, especially the brown/pink one!! Have fun!