Monday, March 14, 2011

bootie photo-shoot

Hey gals! Thought I would put up something craft-related: my latest knitting project - baby booties!

This was quite a departure from toques and gauntlets for me and I even learned a few new knitting techniques (which, I admit, kinda blew my mind). I used the magic cast-on (see youtube video link at end) using 2 sets of circular needles and the half brioche stitch for the ribbing-like part, which I like better than a regular rib - it is nice and chunky!

The booties are for Joe's nephew who is only 8 months old, so he may need to grow into them - but hopefully they will fit for fall. I still need to make the other bootie but I think it should go pretty fast - baby items are so satisfying because they don't take forever!

So maybe I got a little carried away taking pictures (incorporating several different photo-shoot locations):

Now just imagine how cute the pair will look! I may need to write a followup post when I'm done with the second one :)

If I were to do it again, I would have made the instep charcoal to match the cuff! case you want to learn the magic cast-on from a crazy lady:
(beware: it is 10 minutes long and i don't think the woman is "all there" per se)


  1. I thought I left a comment last night, but I guess not! Soooo, I LOVE the booties. As a mom I can tell you that booties are an absolute wonderful gift.

  2. That's a really sweet pattern Lani - You did an amazing job....

    I appreciate the multiple photo shoots...good to know how the booties will look in the outside light, inside light, and of course, on a table:)

    Good work my're totally inspiring me to finish a baby sweater sister-in-law is going to pop in a month, and i'm nowhere near done the pile of crafts I had in mind!!!!!

  3. Lani! You are amazing. These are amazing. To the extreme.

    I haven't touched my knitting stuff all year...and apparently it's spring now...IS it spring now?

    Happy belated Pi day, ladies :) I made a pie. It's really ugly.

  4. Oh Kim. I'm sure the pi(e) was beautiful. I made a quiche the day before pi day, so I'm pretending that it counts as a celebratory gesture.

  5. These are amazing Lani! Love em!! I'm dreaming of them in my size with a nice patch of deer leather on the bottom to keep them from wearing out. My birthday is in January :)

  6. Linnea, That's an AWESOME idea!!!! Maybe we should have a knit along?!