Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cosmo Bag

My first purse/tote bag has been completed and given away. I made the Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler's Style Stitches. Lee's mama was here for her birthday this past week. I wanted to make her something and settled on this purse.

The Good:
It stayed together after I sewed it. Huge applause for me. Thank you, thank you.

The Bad:
The seams aren't straight. Not even close to being straight. And, I used brown thread on gray fabric making the non-straight lines even more obvious.

The Ugly:
It is really important to pay attention to what you are buying at Fabricland. I thought it was OK to not read the package of what I bought and only discovered I was using fabric adhesive and NOT interfacing after I had applied it to the fabric. Oops. I felt like an idiot. I managed though. You wouldn't know by looking at the bag.

Cora is quite the helper.

The lining of the bag. There are 4 large pockets, 2 on each side.


The Cosmo Bag. There are pleats on both the front and back. It has a button closure. Both ends of the bag have side pockets that are nicely lined. Despite the mess ups, I really like it. Oh, and I used Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush Home Dec line.

MomCat was quite happy with her birthday present. It looks good on her.

Happy Trivetting!


  1. I love it! And it looks wonderful on your mom-in-law!

  2. Sascha, this bag is gorgeous! I LOVE it so much I want to make one for myself :)

  3. Thanks Mara and Lani. It was pretty rewarding to finish a bag. :)

  4. Love it!! Love the fabric, love the purse - awesome work Sascha!!

  5. This is beautiful!!!!! I can't believe it's your first! Awesome job!!

  6. I love this bag - I want to make lots of them! The lining is especially luxurious. Love it!

  7. Beautiful bag Sascha! You have one lucky mother in law...and the cutest little helper imaginable :)

    I also love the fabric covered button made to match. Awesome.