Thursday, March 24, 2011

The one perk...

...when writing a paper:

Eva Sweet waffle with rosemary whipped cream and a large mug of Clover-made Transcend coffee. Ohhhhhh yeah.


  1. you know what I had for breakfast - F***ING NOTHING!

  2. aw...poor Aaron.

    Rosemary whipped cream--that sounds interesting. Do you add rosemary right to it or crush it down, first?

    I'm writing a paper now too with some coffee by my side. Although I'm about on my 4th cup which makes typing rather difficult. My fingers are moving faster than my brain! ;-)

  3. At least you have the POSSIBILITY of a clover Aaron - that counts for something.

    i made another shot of stove-top espresso with new methods courtesy of Portland: (our friend luc sent me the link), to satiate my coffee craving following your post. thanks Kim:)