Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello blog - it's me....

To my dearest blogging ladies,


We have clearly dropped the ball on this beautiful site that used to be a source of such joy for us all. I am just as guilty, so would encourage all of us to dig deep into our stashes of wool, fabric, food, but most of all, stories, to tell a tale of success and/or failure in the world of hand-made!

The holiday season is upon us. Pick up those knitting needles, take the sewing stash out from under your bed, dust off the kitchenaid (my god...this is sounding waaaaaay too domestic), clean out your rifle, recall your perfect fly cast, tell us stories from the road, anecdotes from the desk, tales from the lab. I will vow to do the same. I've got a stash of stories that I've been too lazy to write-up. Let's do it!!!!

Also - who's up for a craft swap. The trivets were so fun, but so long ago. Who's in!?!?!? What should the deadline be? I'm assuming after Christmas? How about the end of January?

I miss you all and look forward to all the stories that are going to flood the pages of this little blog that has been quiet for too long!