Friday, April 29, 2011


My first official post! It has been a long time coming, but something about leaving a place makes me finally get around to tying all those loose ends up. By finally contributing here I am also making a statement… a statement that says we will stay in touch, and will craft together again soon.

I am excited to exit Edmonton and settle into a small town climbing life in Squamish, even if it is ridden with thesis writing stress. I’m also excited for all the new sewing projects a move produces. John and I plan to recover his parent’s first sofa set for our new place! Yup, old school wooden armed sofa is going to soon meet with a melding of mine and John’s fabric choices… so far we have agreed on little except a Canadiana print with moose and bears…. We decided to sleep on that one for a while and see what inspiration Vancouver fabric shopping may bring. I think I will finally get to my 5 cushion covers that I have been planning for months as well, once another chapter or two is written of course!

I am truly going to miss you ladies and our crafting fun. I look forward to craftcation 2012, and would like to plant a seed for a craftcation Squamish sometime in the fall of 2011. October will be lovely out there!

The crafting group has done me well. One major achievement: The infamous pajama quilt is complete! This quilt, my first, was started about 10 years ago and has seen a number of adventures over the years. I was moving out of my parent’s house, headed off to grad school in Nova Scotia and trying to clear away the junk in my old room. I just couldn’t throw away all of my old pajamas! Complete with penguins, flowers, and Garfield in plaid these were a selection of pjs brought by santa over the years. Five years later, Garfield and his friends accompanied me on a drive across most of the country. Alberta bound!

A new apartment and 2 more years later, it was time to make a quilt sandwich. I wanted to stick with the recycled nature of the quilt so used an old duvet cover for the inside, instead of batting. The duvet cover had been two sheets I sewed together previously as a first attempt at crafting. It had served me well but was ready for its second life. I’d decided that it was time to retire my 8 year old sheep sheets as well but I couldn’t bear to part with them… now I needed backing material… the match was made! Blue flannel with little sheep in different positions, they made me chuckle every time I crawled between them, now they would be joined with plaid Garfield and the penguins. Finally, a few months ago, free motion quilted and binding attached, I declared this project complete!

There is something to be said for a deadline too. 10 years to make a quilt, 2 days to make some trivets.

It also took just a couple of nights to get a baby book for my new niece Analeigh all but bound together. This would be complete, however I learned the hard way that hand sewing while watching a movie can mean mistakes. I sewed the rainbow in the wrong order! Even so, this was one of the most fun projects I have done to date; crazy quilt squares are stress free!

I replaced the orange for pink in this rainbow. A new girl needs a little pink!

Here's to more sewing projects and a blog on which to share them from across the country!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

And on a lighter note...

Just in case you need a little pick-me-up after that last post...
Once upon a time my momma bought me a sewing machine...

And I developed a rather unhealthy large fabric addiction...
Which led to the quest to collect this entire Flea Market Fancy collection...

...and then to spend several hours posing it just right for it's photo shoot.

Daydreaming and Reflecting

Once upon a time I had a Momma...

...a momma that I could go to for advise or a hug when I was having a bad day.
...a momma that I could laugh with.

...a momma that taught me how to garden and how to sew to enjoy the simple things in life.

The springtime seems to be the hardest time of year for me. As the days start to get longer and the snow melts away, I am reminded of how happy my mom always was at this time of year. I miss her.

I wish I had known her better and that I knew the stories behind pictures like this...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Next project / swap?

I don't know if people have time for another project / swap right now, but I think we should keep this in mind. It looks easy and there are so many ways it could be personalized. Just a thought.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Love Letter for my Crush

I started cutting, but I couldn't stop. I now have my second quilt cut and almost ready to sew. This was not on my weekend list of things to get done. In fact, we're supposed to be spring cleaning. So much for that.

The quilt I am making is called Love Letters and uses Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush palette. I love the fabric even more now that I have it all cut. It is going to be a queen size quilt...hopefully. :) I also got all the way through rotary cutting without slicing my finger off!

I started off with only wanting to cut the 150 blue squares.

Turns out, cutting 2.5in squares goes pretty quickly. So I thought I would cut the 12.5in squares. I mean, the pattern only calls for 10 of them.

After seeing the fabrics together, I couldn't resist cutting 116 4.5in squares. Those seemed like they would take a while and I figured I might as well get them out of the way.

Once I had those done, I definitely couldn't stop. 70 of the 6.5in squares only made the pile prettier.

What's one last set of squares? The 8.5in squares were actually the most difficult to cut because I was down to the end of my fabric at this point and couldn't afford any screw ups. None the less, I added the last 21 squares to the pile.

There you have it. The squares for my next quilt! I am really loving this one.