Friday, April 22, 2011

Daydreaming and Reflecting

Once upon a time I had a Momma...

...a momma that I could go to for advise or a hug when I was having a bad day.
...a momma that I could laugh with.

...a momma that taught me how to garden and how to sew to enjoy the simple things in life.

The springtime seems to be the hardest time of year for me. As the days start to get longer and the snow melts away, I am reminded of how happy my mom always was at this time of year. I miss her.

I wish I had known her better and that I knew the stories behind pictures like this...


  1. Oh my, such lovely photos and nice sentiments. There is always a little mytery between daughters and mothers. I think mothers can forget that they have had some cool experiences and they forget to pass those fun stories on to us daughters. We should all remember that as we become mothers. Tell your stories because we are all fabulous ladies with stories to tell.

    Linnea I imagine spring time is hard... it seems it is when everyone comes out of hybernation and starts socializing again. Take some time to do something you and your mom would have done... she'd be happy to see you enjoying the spring time weather!

    Big love!

  2. This was a beautiful post, Linnea. The pictures of your mom are wonderful. It's no wonder you are the person you are. Kim is right. Take time to do what you and your mom would have loved doing. Treasure the stories you do know about your mom. And hold close to your heart the memories you and your mom made together.

    We love you, Linnea.

  3. Seriously beautiful post Linnea. Definite tear jerker...not gonna lie!

    I'm inspired to ask more questions to get to know a little bit more about who my parents were before me and me brothers came along...

    I also think it's so great that you've taken the time to acknowledge that this time of year is hard... going through the old photos...imagining the stories as best as you can...and keeping the memories of your mum alive.

    lots and lots of love.

  4. Linnea, your mother was a beautiful person, thank you for sharing these photos with us! I can see that you have learnt lots from her and continue to remember her through your gardening, cooking, and sewing.

    We're here for you!