Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Love Letter for my Crush

I started cutting, but I couldn't stop. I now have my second quilt cut and almost ready to sew. This was not on my weekend list of things to get done. In fact, we're supposed to be spring cleaning. So much for that.

The quilt I am making is called Love Letters and uses Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush palette. I love the fabric even more now that I have it all cut. It is going to be a queen size quilt...hopefully. :) I also got all the way through rotary cutting without slicing my finger off!

I started off with only wanting to cut the 150 blue squares.

Turns out, cutting 2.5in squares goes pretty quickly. So I thought I would cut the 12.5in squares. I mean, the pattern only calls for 10 of them.

After seeing the fabrics together, I couldn't resist cutting 116 4.5in squares. Those seemed like they would take a while and I figured I might as well get them out of the way.

Once I had those done, I definitely couldn't stop. 70 of the 6.5in squares only made the pile prettier.

What's one last set of squares? The 8.5in squares were actually the most difficult to cut because I was down to the end of my fabric at this point and couldn't afford any screw ups. None the less, I added the last 21 squares to the pile.

There you have it. The squares for my next quilt! I am really loving this one.


  1. Sascha, I can't believe you cut this all at once. You're fantastic!

    I wasn't really digging 'Innocent Crush' when it came out, but seeing it all laid out is making me really come around! I love the bohemian feel of it, and the colours are great.

  2. Sascha - you are a machine! Also it looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it get quilted up!

  3. Kim, The bohemian vibe is what sold me on this line. I will post pictures of the quilt top soon hopefully. I already have about 1/2 of the smaller blocks worked up.

  4. Sascha this is BEAUTIFUL! Nice work!

  5. Hi Sascha! I am currently making this quilt (or attempting to!). How did you decide which fabric to use when you started cutting squares? My kit came with a certain amount of fabric from each pattern but no instructions on which fabrics were for which sizes. Any help is much appreciated! You're quilt is so gorgeous!!