Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some pretty things

I couldn't really find a better way to make an inspiration board for my swap partner (we should come up with a better term for that...), so I threw one together in Keynote (Mac's powerpoint) and then inserted it here! I still can't figure out how to get good pictures on here, so you'll have to click on the montage to get a better quality view.

I had no idea I liked pastels so much - let me assure whoever is making my trivets that I enjoy pretty much everything, and all this stuff were just things that happened to catch my eye today on Reader! I basically like pretty things. And funky things. And wonky things.

Just to note: I LOVE those bird measuring spoons up top there, I have been coveting them for a couple of years. Please feel free to go to Etsy and purchase them for me ( Teeheehee.

I've got another assignment in the works...if no one else wants to post one, I will post in the next couple of days!


  1. I LOVE INSPIRATION BOARDS!!! I also apparently use a lot of exclamation points on this blog...

    my personal favorite from your montage of beautiful things: the pretty plates hung on the wall (center-ish of the pic). super cute.


  2. my favourite is the pic of the bowls in the bottom left hand corner. swoon.

  3. also, how did you do this/find these?! I can't figure it out!

  4. Found: Mostly through my Google Reader, on which I subscribe to (too many) blogs.

    Done this: I copy and pasted pictures from these blogs/Etsy into Keynote/Powerpoint, then exported it as a jpeg, then imported into this blog. Tadaaa!! It probably took about 15 minutes total to do.

  5. Good news, can make the plates yourself!

    The bowls can be found at this fantastic site

  6. Ok - i immediately went to this site to check it out. awesome. Christmas gift this year for someone? yes.

    I'm wondering about the type of paint though...and what they meant by "prepare the baking plates by making them grease-free". Just clean them??

  7. ooh, my fav is definately the old wooden table with cupcakes and gerber daisies.... very pretty :)

    Also, I need to get technologically inclined and figure out how to be on google reader and have it tell me when you ladies add posts!...Kim perhaps I should come see you :)

  8. Kim D, I love that table too! I am also drooling over the purple pitcher.

    Kim O, this is such a nice springy post that makes me forget the miserable couple of months of cold we've had in Edmonton, the awfulness of Japan, and the tornado that has recently taken over the inside of my house. Thanks for that. :)

  9. You're right, Sascha! Spring IS on my mind! I really really really want to start planting things. And eating non-root vegetables. And having a drink on the patio.

    Kim, I'd be happy to give a tutorial over coffee :)

    P.S. I own that purple pitcher. Amazing, right? I'll bring it to our next sewing night! Mojitos?

  10. WHAT? You OWN the purple pitcher?? If you bring it to a sewing night (which we really need), I am warning you that you may not be taking it home. :)