Wednesday, March 9, 2011

maintenance for my machine or me?

Ok, so this may be lame for my first post, but my REAL first post is on its way... consider this just testing the waters.....

Do any of you have issues with your needle breaking in your sewing machine? I don't push or pull my fabric, I thread my bobbin and thread correctly, and I am using the needles that came with the machine.... yet, on a regular basis, my needle gets stuck down in the machine. I think the casing for the bobbin (that big round metal contraption that, on my machine, is made of several parts) somehow gets ahead of the needle and bends it. Time for machine maintenance or is it possible I am doing something wrong?

The good news is that if I am breaking needles I must be sewing right? It is true. In place of complete writers block, I put my productivity into sewing... 2 crazy quilt squares down... now if I only owned a digital camera so I could finish out my REAL first blog post and show you what those crazy crazy quilt squares are for (not for the trivets... so many projects to complete before the end of March!).


  1. Kim! Welcome!

    I've never sent my machine in for maintenance, but I plan on doing so annually now that I have a nice machine - apparently it's suggested that you get a tune up once a year. It sounds like you have some alignment-type issues, even my old clunky machine never had bent needle problems! I think you should send it in...broken needles are kinda scary...especially if they are flying at your face!

  2. Safety goggle time! Needles in the face--who knew sewing was so dangerous?

  3. I just got my machine tuned...well, i guess that was in December...but it runs soooooo much better now. It's a clunker, never going to be great, but the tension is actually good now. I'd recommend it - although it did set me back $80 or something like that....more than my machine cost!! :)

  4. Safety googles and sewing. That would be the perfect mascot for our Science Sews and Sautes website!! I'll be over with my digital camera. :)