Friday, March 18, 2011

A Biologist's St. Patrick's Day Song

I totally just stole this from made my morning.

A little science for science sews and sautes!


  1. haha, yes I saw it on his site too and considered stealing it. It was the extent of my paddys day celebrations. Oh how times have changed!

  2. Ha! Total nerdiness. I love it! However, Cora was yelling, "Ohhhhh, no!!" Young minds just don't appreciate good things.

  3. Awesome!! I wish I had checked this in time to send it Tyson for his Advanced Metabolism class yesterday morning! ;)

  4. Hehehe - Yeah - i'm sure those advanced metabolism students would have loved this! Maybe I wouldn't have failed micro-biology if my teacher had taught this way!! I also love Cora's reaction (trust me - mine is kinda the same - i hate that shit - sorry Maria:)), but I still think it's funny!

    This was also the extent of our St. Patty's Day celebration. I even made that exact comment to Mark - "remember when you just an undergrad and wouldn't show up to school the day after St. Paddy's because you were so incredibly hung-over...didn't matter what day of the week - monday, tuesday...whatever!!!"

    Times have changed. sigh.

  5. This guy is so adorable. Can we get him to come sing at Crafteaster?