Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I love lazy Saturdays...

...especially when they end up with a Tufted Tweets apron in hand!

This will soon be in my mom's kitchen.

Off to Ottawa for a dates when I get back?


  1. Um, that's what you call a LAZY Saturday? I can't even begin to imagine your productivity on a BUSY Saturday! Beautiful apron my dear!

  2. I love the Tufted Tweets! Great work, Kim. And, yes, coffee sounds good when you are back.

  3. Love the apron. Yesterday I decided that 4 day weekends would be much better than the two day ones we're stuck with really hinders how many lazy Saturdays we can actually have. The more lazy Saturdays, the more cute aprons. I think i'll write to my MP....