Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Links

I love old photos.

This is my uncle, mom, and I, taken by my dad in 1988. My dad enjoyed photography when he was younger, and passed on his amazing tripods to me (which I try to use diligently, but I am too lazy to get it out most of the time, even though I KNOW pictures are wayyyyy better with them!). I never was into photography when I was younger, but now I wish I had learnt how to develop film (there was a class offered in my high school), or kept all those photography books my dad had in our old house. 

Taking a basic photograph course has so far been the best thing I've done for my own photography knowledge, but I know I could be taking a ton more photos and, more importantly, sitting down and taking the time to sort through them, analyzing and figuring out exactly what settings/styles/colours/etc, etc, etc, I love. As of right now I like maybe 1 out of every 500 photos I shoot...and I often think...gee...if I had just taken this shot from a slightly different angle, or slightly more exposed, or just taken 2 more seconds to compose the shot, it would've been awesome!

Anyways. All that to say: I love this photo.  Brilliant job, dad.

Onto the links for this week:


Evolution gets it right most of the time.  And sometimes, it fails horribly. (Find the pelican. It's my fave.)

I would spend a lot of time at any bar that had this. A lot of time. (Mara - unicorn cameo!).

Speaking of unicorns: turn a beloved child into one. Sadly, US shipping only.

Another costume (for me).

Everyone should see this. No wonder we have unrealistic expectations about our bodies.

A viewing of the pink freshwater Amazon dolphin has always been on my bucket list - now add this guy, as well.

This form is so practical. And smart. And practical. Why don't I do this already?

Lots of love from Uppsala,


  1. Yay photography! I did the film developing/photo enlarging thing in high school. It was pretty fun, except when the person in the dark dark room finished developing their film, turned the light on to make sure it worked, and then forgot to turn the light back off when opening the door to the adjoining dark room (where we were all enlarging pics). I can still hear the panicked yells of 'turn the light off! turn the light off!' It was fun.

    Pink river dolphins are actually kind of ugly. The new guy on your list is waaaayyyy cuter!

    I want a unicorn hat. I will make myself one.

    I miss you, Kim Ong!

  2. p.s. I also started keeping my med list w/ me once they got too numerous to remember. when I went in the hospital w/ that and a copy of my immunization record, they told me I was very organized! :-)