Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Links

I'm back from Edmonton!  Brought back some goodies from Transcend - I love how they get all vacuum-y when they travel. I've always wanted a vacuum-sealer.

And a label maker.

And a six-pack.

Maybe I'm asking for too much.  I'd be happy with just a label maker.

Not too many links this week as I didn't have the usual web down time whilst in Edmonton, but I'd be happy to waste some time with other suggestions (*coughsomeoneaddablogpostcough*).


Splurged while in Edmonton and bought this Lululemon bag in mint. It's quite expensive, but amazing - it has 5 million pockets and can fit all my gym, shower, snacks, and work/laptop stuff. It was a dream as a carry-on for the plane, though didn't so much fit in at the Oilers' game (maybe if it came in Orange and Blue?).

Not going to lie: I've got Tetris skillz. And after seeing this, I now understand so many things about myself.

Another truth: I've got no dance skills. But I wish I did.

We may (sidenote: T-Mac showed me the proper use of may and might this week) get to stay in our current apartment for an extra year! This of course means that my brain instantly went into "what can we buy to make this house more Shafong-y" mode. Rugs. They really tie a room together.

This shelf is also neat.

I have always meant to do more reading on the sustainability and environmental impact of farmed vs. wild fish - and still haven't. But, this pretty infographic caught my eye (and clearly falls on one side of the equation). I have no idea what the source is for this, but if anyone has any good, unbiased papers/documentaries/articles about this topic, I'd love it if you sent it my way!

And, remember: Bitches get stuff done.

Have a great week ladies!


  1. I love you. And although I technically know the difference between may and might, I apparently don't know the difference between lazy and grammatically correct because Mark Boyce corrects them in my papers ALL THE TIME. Whatevs. Who needs proper English anyway?

    Love the bag.

    Love the links.

    Can't wait to post a little somethin' from Smithers this week!

  2. Rugs REALLY DO tie a room together. Your time in the Goss lab was not wasted, I see. Martin and Scott would be proud. Speaking of rugs, I've been trying to buy some for the past 800000000000 years. On Sunday I ordered some FLOR samples. Can't wait to get my hands on them and enter the next phase of indecision. Loved the bag. Loved the links. Also wondering about wild-caught vs. farmed in a non biased way,.. especially living on the east coast, where there is also an argument to be made about shipping and transport (i.e. farmed from the Bay of Fundy or wild-caught from the Pacific,... 6000 km away. minimum. hardly jives with the 'eat local' idea.) If you stumble upon any good info, I'd love to see.

    I'm working on two quilts at the moment, so a blog post and a general catch up/debrief is in the works.

    Love you all!


  3. Oooooh, a trip to Smithers sounds sooooo lovely right about now....!!

    And Maria...TWO QUILTS? You're my hero! Also...this Flor business is awesome! Will keep you updated on the fish-eating research :)