Friday, February 8, 2013

Cooking challenge #3. A healthy reboot.

Happy Friday, ladies!

After getting back from a trip away from home I always crave fruit, vegetables, and my Le Creuset. Eating out is fun, but sometimes I just want to throw a handful of arugula and pickles on a plate with a side of popcorn and call it a night, you know?

So, for this next challenge I am putting out a call for fresh dishes that will help me stop craving the homemade ricotta at Corso 32, or the the white chocolate blueberry bread pudding at Canteen, or the combat juice at The Garneau, or the macarons at the Duchess, or the number 33 at King Noodle House, or the Traditional at La Poutine, or the coxhinas at Transcend.

I clearly need help.




  1. It's okay Kimbo, I had popcorn and wine for dinner last night :) ....but the night before Joe and I made homemade gnocchi (I don't know when, but at some point along the way we acquired a potato ricer - pretty sweet). Anyway, it's all about balance!

    I too am now craving all those things you mentioned...

    miss ya!

  2. If popcorn, wine, and gnocchi create a balance, then I am a freakin' equilateral triangle!

    I miss you, too. Lots.