Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cooking challenge #3 results: Spring on a plate.

This was by far one of the freshest and hearty things I made this week. Inspired by this post, I threw together whatever was in our house onto a plate - avocado, tomatoes, corn, a potato, thin slivers of shallot, quick pan-fried snap peas, and some purslane (a wonderful surprise from our veg basket). The real secret was the pan fried halloumi, a poached egg, and a good grinding of pepper...with these three ingredients, no dressing was necessary!

I could probably eat this style of salad once a week, especially during winter, when any reminder of Spring is welcome!

Anyone else eat anything delicious this week?



  1. Delicious, yes. Healthy, no. I had a lovely plate of chicken fingers and fries at called Mona Lisa's pub before a concert this week. The funny thing was, Van ordered the same thing 10min after I did, but his were COMPLETELY different--both the fries and the chicken fingers! Must have come from a different box in the freezer, I guess. Mine were better. :-)

  2. that poached egg looks perfect - yes please!!!!!