Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cooking Challenge #1 Results

Hello from Big Sky Country! It's been a while since I have posted, but I have a couple posts starting with the first cooking challenge. It's better late than never with the cooking challenges, right? 

I actually did the cheese cooking challenge during the actual challenge week, but I am just getting around to posting. Unlike KimO, I take terrible food photos. Absolutely terrible. However, I have some pretty tough yet cute judges who love to have their photos taken. :)

The dish I chose was a healthy version of Broccoli & Cheddar Soup. I thought it was good, but I would not title the dish Broccoli & Cheddar. It was more Broccoli & Bean with a hint of cheese. It was way more healthy though. I didn't use smoked paprika or kosher salt. I just used regular paprika and regular salt. I am really getting curious how these other spices would taste. I think I might have to get more pantry staples because I am finding more and more recipes that call for these two ingredients.

On to the judging panel.

Judge #1: 7 month old Beau. He just recently started on adult food, so he doesn't have a whole lot experience. A "food virgin" if you will.

Results: Love. Ate it for 2 days straight. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Success.

Judge #2: Nearly 4 year old Cora. She is a self-described good-eater, but will turn her nose up at the foods I suspect she'll love. She can be a real wild card, but tends to love most soups.

She liked how it smelled. 

A really big bite... 

Results: A thumbs up!! Chalk up another success. I guess this recipe goes into the recipe box. It's a good one for left over broccoli.

On a side note, Lee liked it. I think he would have liked it first had I not told him it was A) a healthy version of x and B) that is was Broccoli & Cheddar. I should have said we are having a bean soup.

I already have an idea for this weeks challenge. The major challenge for me will to be posting it before Sunday.

Happy New Year everyone!! 


  1. Hahha, if it passes the discerning palates of Beau and Cora, I think it'll do well with the spouses!! I will be making this next week, it looks delicious!

    Can't wait to see what the challenge is!! :)

  2. HA!!! Awesome! love the photo-story.

    Post-holidays, we've also been feeling like a little less fat and salt and little more veggie, so this soup would be great to have on hand for lunch.

    Also - you're kids are ridiculously cute!:)

  3. Made this soup and it was delicious!!! We had some chipotle to use up, so I threw that in there, too, and topped it with a tiny bit of avocado, and it was fantastic!

    Never thought to use beans for thickening, what an amazing idea. I'm not a huge fan of the texture of beans in their whole form, but am always looking for ways to use them, and this was perfect. Thanks for the recipe!!