Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cooking challenge #2 - Try something new!

God Jul ladies! I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday and are ready to cook up a storm in the New Year!! I know it's still a busy time of year and you might not have the luxury of being in your own kitchen, so feel free to jump in on these challenges at a later date, but just in case you're bored and looking for something to do, I'm going to continue posting.

This week's challenge is to cook with an ingredient you've never used. Maybe you've seen your grandma use it, or you've had your eye on it in the grocery store...or maybe there's a really pretty bush outside with some berries...oh wait.  That's a bad idea. Don't do that. 

We just received a mystery vegetable from our CSA and I'm planning on figuring out what it is soon...they are covered in dirt so it really could be anything: Reese's peanut butter cups. Orange eggplants. Lemon cake. Ryan Gosling. (I'm a terrible guesser. My mom once wrapped a Rubik's cube and I thought it was a super soaker. Or a pogo ball. What a sad Christmas it was until I realized how AWESOME Rubik's cubes were. Plus, it far exceeded the previous year's gift of a calculator. Though, it was a TI-83 PLUS. Super sweet.) 

(...Mom, if you're reading this, I'm just joking. Seriously, I was really really spoilt with My Little Ponies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Glow Worms, Pound Puppies, Skip Its, and Popples....Love you!)

Lots of love from Uppsala, I miss you all


  1. I've been such a bad little blog follower! But this idea is awesome and I'm so happy to hear from you all again! KJ, I was thinking of you tonnes today - can't wait to hear all about your Italy trip. I didn't cook with a new ingredient today, but I did use wall filler/Spackle to fix some holes in the wall and then I painted the living room! which isn't a bad way to start 2013! much love to you all from the east coast, xoxoxo.

  2. I laughed out loud in Starbucks as I read this post, Kim. Joe and I are trying to cook more new things this year....Last night we concocted the most delicious venison pot pie with spelt flour crust from scratch...I wish I had a picture to post! I am totally up for the new ingredient challenge....I watched a lot of chopped over the holidays so that may provide some inspiration. I am thinking one of those odd mexican ingredients I have never used, like chayote or piloncillo! It may not happen this week, but soon! Let's keep the food challenges going!

  3. Lani, venison pot pie sounds delicious..I miss venison! Spelt flour also seems awesome. That lemon-rosemary tart called for a spelt crust and I never tried it. I am inadvertently getting more adventurous with flours here, though. Bought some kornmjöl (mjöl = flour) and I was hoping (guessing, praying) that it was corn meal or corn flour or corn anything. Turns out, it's barley. Mmmmmm...barley grits.

    Maria, any freshly painted walls pics?! Sounds much more productive than my start to the New Year which has only consisted of washing and re-washing everything we own because everything is impregnated with the smell of glorious lobster.