Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A new quilt

Here's the quilt I made for my father-in-law for Christmas. It was kind of a last minute idea, so I feel like I threw it together. I felt the need to use all shot cottons, which limited my color choices. I chose the purples because they reminded me of wine. I was debating between greens and grays for the other color. I also found that the shot cottons I bought (from PurlSoho) are extremely mobile and were constantly moving when I would cut and sew. Similar to linen, I guess. I don't love the colors, but I don't hate them either. 

I wanted a pattern that had a bit of a modern flare and on the masculine side of quilting. I feel as though I hit the mark on that aspect. I couldn't find a backing that felt right. I finally settled on the mustaches because they made me laugh. I figured this was my only chance to use a fabric like this. 

I need to venture out and learn how to free motion quilt. I was going to with this quilt, but ran out of time. I was hand sewing the binding on Christmas Eve until about 2:30am. The size of the quilt is perfect for napping on the couch. It made me want more quilts for myself.

Next on my sewing list:
Beau's quilt: The pattern is chosen, fabric is bought. Now I just need to sew.
Curtains: I've been pushing this one off for a while.
Cora's dress: I have the fabric to make her a dress for my sister's wedding. The wedding is this month, so I guess I should start that one.


  1. Oh boy, I LOVE the eggplant combination...a perfect manly quilt! I would love to have that in my house. Sascha, you're awesome :) Have you been sewing consistently since you settled in?

  2. I definitely have not been sewing consistently. In fact, most of my sewing stuff is still in boxes. I started this quilt right after thanksgiving. I think I've been spending more time daydreaming about house projects in a house I don't own. Oh, and wrangling a now very mobile baby. :)

  3. It's beautiful Sascha! And sure to be loved and appreciated for a long time :)

    I love shot cottons!! I'm curious to know how they hold up over time though. I've been working on that darn peacock quilt for ages now (hrmph...working on it may be a bit of an over statement) but was recently discouraged when I discovered a few tears in some of the fabrics while quilting. I'd be interested to know how the Moda cross-weaves compare weight-wise. I think they were Moda's answer to shot cotton popularity.

    Do you have any good fabric shops around town or are you still shopping primarily online?

  4. Love the quilt Sascha! Also love the justification for the mustacheod backing...and i agree - a fabric that makes you laugh is reason enough to make it into a quilt!

    Thanks for the crafty-post. You've motivated me to get on it!

  5. Linnea-Thanks! You and Eva got me hooked on those shot cottons. I really love how they look, but I really don't love to sew with them. You're right about their durability. I suspect this quilt will be fine because I can't imagine Lee's dad will be very hard on it. Who knows though. I was thinking about those Moda cross-weaves too. Lee really liked the all solid quilt, so I was going to make another one as a keeper. I really want to make a quilt with triangles to practice... As far as quilt shops, there are some here that aren't all batiks. The ladies are nice at this one downtown. I am going to get some fabric from them for a quilt I am making my mom. But, mostly I will be shopping online. I do have a JoAnn's though. :)

    Alana- Thank you! Funny fabrics are great.