Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Links

This is Sven the cat. He's fat. But we're working on that.

I've caught myself having conversations with him during the day. I'm working on that.

Lots of fun things going on on the internet. You work on that.

This week's links:

Want to exercise more but can't seem to get your butt to the gym? This app seems like a fun! I might be crawling all over James' furniture while I'm in Edmonton.

Been enjoying this mix on 8-tracks.


website to help you keep track of books/movies/music you want to enjoy.

Who doesn't like seal photos?

Make sure your online life is as private (or public) as you want it to be with one easy website.

The Good Night Lamp project on Kickstarter (amazing site, amazing ideas) caught my eye this week (though it's way over my pricepoint :(  )

Loved Plenty, want Jerusalem.

Remember the TGIF lineup on tv? Well, they're rebooting a show that I once loved...(can they also bring back Perfect Strangers, please?)

Pure. Unadulterated. Happiness. This video. Hear more on Radiolab's "Bliss" episode.

One simple site trying to dispel the myth that all scientists are balding white men in lab coats.

Make these. So simple. So addictive. (Add cayenne).

And if that wasn't enough internet entertainment for you, here's a 'definitive list' of things you should have seen in 2012.


  1. Re: Seal Photos. Tyson suggested googling pictures of dogs under water. It was a good idea.

  2. Also, downloaded the Done/Not Done app. good idea. And finally, the Norwegian polar viking almost made me pee it was so funny! Great suggestions, kj! Hope you're having a time in Edmonton. xoxo.

  3. Those pics make me want to go out and immediately adopt a big furry fluffy ball of dog!

    I already lost my user name (in my brain) for the Done/Not Done app...but I believe you can share lists, and this might be a great way to share book lists!

  4. Totally dig the that idea.

    Listened to Radiolab (obsessed with that podcast by the way) - the bliss the other day, and when i say your link i immediately started laughing. Chocolate is pure bliss:)