Friday, February 25, 2011

Spendings spree...

Well, looks like this will be coming in right under the wire. Despite my best intentions to spend some time making this post amazing and wonderful, I'm left starting things (and hopefully finishing them...) in my 30 minute Friday lunch time break...they don't call me "Last Minute L-" for nothing! But, in an effort to meet New Year's resolutions and goals, I am pleased to announce that I don't also have to add "better late than never" to the list of cliches appearing in this post.

So without further ado...I would like to present to you L's Spending Spree: a small sampling of items and events that broke the bank. Sponsored by Nikon.

1) I bought a camera...

...or rather, the jerk who broke into my house and my wonderfully generous step-father bought be a camera. I bought a lens. I have been wanting to make the jump from a regular point and shoot to a DSLR for some time now but could never justify the expense. It is hard to justify that kind of coin when a) you don't have the money and b) you don't have a hot stinkin' clue how to operate a non-point and shoot camera. Despite the fact that it is now the most valuable thing I own combined with the fact that I have no idea how it works, I LOVE IT!! Using the auto-settings has allowed me to play around with the camera without having to understand cameras or photography. I'm confident that the rest will come in time (and with the help of some qualified professional willing to teach me). D is very adament that I learn to use it properly to ensure that I didn't just severly over pay for a point and shoot camera that's too heavy (and too BIG) to carry in my pocket. Lucky for you guys, this very expensive "point and shoot" means that my blog post is not just a bunch of drivel and whining about how my spending habits have left me broke.

2) I bought things to take pictures of...well, if I'm being honest, I bought them because I have a problem where I want to buy and own lots of pretty things. The pictures are just to make me telling you about all of my frivolous spending more interesting! Behold:

2a) Books

I've been doing a lot more reading now that I'm done with my thesis. And sadly, after reading so many technical papers and scientific articles, I'm finding it really hard to enjoy regular fiction. I've become a classics addict. I've always liked the classics...ALWAYS...but I knew they would always be around and so I was in no rush to read them all right away. This all changed the moment I discoverd clothbound classics. Aren't they pretty? So much more pretty than journal articles. So pretty that I've become afraid that they will all be bought and sold before I can get my grubby little hands on my fair share of them. So I've started collecting. And in order to feel okay about it, I am trying to read them as soon as they arrive on my doorstep...if I've learned anything from my fabric purchasing experience it is that anything that sits around for too long becomes more of a stress and burden than a treasure to behold. I've got the ones shown above and Little Women (not's at Grandma's house right now, further justifying itself in my life). Oh, and I had to buy the Ian Tyson biography just to make sure I don't end up thinking I live in 1867.

2b) Fabric (was there ever any doubt???)

Please pretend for a minute or two that this picture is not upside down...My new fabrics are much prettier right side up, I promise! Yes, another unnecessary purchase. This one much more expensive than the books. I have been drooling over these Ink and Spindle fabrics since I first got my sewing machine. They are organic, independently designed, hand screen printed, and ... did I mention how pretty they are?! Once I got it in my head that I was making myself a mustard and aqua quilt there was no stopping me. I knew that it just wouldn't be perfect without some of these awesome prints. And of course, to make the most of the ridiculously high shipping costs from Australia I had to buy A LOT.

2c) More fabric

I blame Winnipeg. And my mustard obsession. And Nokomis going out of business. And my love of wool. I NEEDED theses lovelies. I could not leave the store empty handed once I knew they existed. I was visiting one of my besties in Winnipeg (lucky for me, not an expense that broke the bank since I was headed that way for work) and she wanted to take me to one of her all time favourite fabric stores. She described it as "a little like Fabricland, only better," and to state the obvious I did not have very high expectations of finding something "I just had to have" and figured it wouldn't hurt to look. Well, I just about died...truly...or at the very least almost gave up any desire to live out a normal life in the real world and wanted to move into this place. The upstairs was just as described...a little like Fabricland but better...but the basement was a little less like Fabricland and a little more like heaven. It was filled with never ending bolts of CHEAP vintage fabrics. Cheap, like .$99/meter cheap!!! These wools set me back a little more than .99$/meter but were still much more reasonably priced than anything I've been able to find in Edmonton or online. Of course, it didn't hurt that they were also mustardy shades of orange/ new favourite color. So why do I blame Nokomis? Well, these guys are going into soon as I can figure out how to sew clothes. It was my only choice now that my one-stop-clothing-shop is gone :(

2d) ...more fabric

Same store. Same story. Except for one detail I forgot to mention...This fabric store amazing little piece of's the same store that a lot of Canada's independent designers find their fabrics. The gals of Fridget, Cinder & Smoke, etc... all shop there. You may recognize this print...this print that my pal and I each bought 4m of...and if you don't, here is a reminder:

It's the same print/fabric that was used to make one of the tops I bought (yes, another one of my expenses) at this year's Make It craft fair. The best part of the story, is that I was wearing this shirt when I stumbled across the fabric. I took it as a sign...and bought more than I know what to do with. Any suggestions? I think it would make a beautiful skirt...but I'm more of a dress girl than a skirt girl. Ms Maria, you may recognize this style of top as it is the same as your purple plaid one from last year! Oh, and that's my new camera (and new glasses...and ugly old sports bra). Yay!

2e) A long list of items that I unfortunately don't have time or energy to tell you about. Just trust me on this one...they all add up!

3) I helped D celebrate his FIRST Christmas. Unfortunately, he's not a man that can be bought and my elaborate spending didn't really convince him that it was a holiday worth revisiting too often. Maybe next time I'll save some money and just make him the popcorn garland he really wanted for the tree this year. Speaking of tree, here is a picture of our tree (a first for both of us since I haven't had a tree since moving out of my parent's place):

... and that's Otis (I needed something to help me compete with the awesomeness of Kim's post!) it was also his first Christmas. D and I were so thrilled to get to hang out with him over the holidays and he definitely helped bring a little bit more merriment to our home. And I promise he was happier than he looks in this picture...he was just exhausted after a long walk. Kim and Aaron also helped to bring some merriment to our home, as there's was the only present under our tree that we hadn't bought for one another. It was a total surprise to open it up and see what was inside...D and I had been guessing for days, and neither one of us was right.

Would you have guessed correctly?

We love it and immediately put it up in our newly designated reading nook. Thanks Kim (and Aaron)!

And well...that's all from me for now. My lunch break has long since run out and I still haven't eaten anything. I'm excited to see what the rest of you have to share.


p.s. Those pretty fabrics...they're waiting patiently to be sewn together. Unfortunately they have to wait until the wedding quilt is done. Pics to come soon...


  1. Amazing. I want to go to Winnipeg now....$0.99/m - yes please!!!! The organic fabric also makes me so incredibly happy just to look at. Beaut.

    nice work - i guess I should really finish my blog post now??

  2. 1) Fabric covered books are now my new favourite thing! I wish I had thought of that!

    2) I did recognize the style. Super cute!!

    3) Love K&A's gift, love love the blues and mustards, love love love all of the photos!!!

  3. Oh boy, what I would give to take a trip to that fabric store! Perhaps that's where we should be taking our next Crafteaster?!

    I can't wait for your quilt to be done - I LOVE Ink and Spindle sooo much. Those colours are so beautiful. Have you seen the new jerseys?


    Okay, I changed my mind...Crafteaster in Melbourne!

  4. Linnea, you really could just do a weekly fabric post for us all to drool over. And, that way you could also show off the fabulous new camera!