Monday, February 28, 2011

Science Sews, Sautes, and SWAPS!

I'm feeling the need to:
1) Get inspired;
2) Make something that I truly want to make; and,
3) Send my love to a friend, in the form of a gift.

What better way to fulfill all these requirements than a craft swap!? Linnea suggested trivets/pot holders, which I think is absolutely perfect for this particular project.

All you need to do is:
1) Tell me that you're awesome and want to join;
2) Make 2 pot holders/trivets for your secret swapper;
3) Send your present;
4) Receive your present;
5) Love your present; and,
6) Tell Kim to stop making lists.

These trivets can be made of fabric, cinnamon sticks, unicorn horns, or whatever your heart desires and whatever you can get your hands on. I am saying 2 trivets, but am willing to negotiate with any dissenters :)

Inspiration from:,,,,,

(I just had an AHA moment. After looking up pics of trivets, I realized that pot holders and trivets are 2 different things...not always interchangeable, as it would be difficult to pick up a pot with something hard, like slabs of wood, despite them being perfect trivets. Not that any of us are practiced in the art of woodworking and likely to send wood trivets...I'm just saying. Not the same thing. I say we stick to trivets, and if they also serve to pick up pots, then no one is complaining.)

I will set up a swap on Elfster, a secret santa site. The site will automatically pick names for us (sneakily and secretly), AND it has some neat like perks, like being able to post things that you like or dislike, and you can even send anonymous questions to your secret partner!!

Will 3 weeks be enough to finish this project? Can we say that projects have to be sent off by March 28th?

If you're interested in participating, let me know by THIS Friday, Mar. 4th. I will send out invites as I receive responses, and then will set up the picking of names to occur on MONDAY. So please, sign up for Elfster as soon as you receive your invite as I don't want anyone to be left out. That would be a disastrous disaster. DISASTROUS. disaster.


  1. omgomgomgomgomg
    i love you
    and, i'm in :)

    ps. after table runners and fabric covered books, trivets/potholders are my most favourite things!!!!!!!! eeks!

  2. Is it too obvious to state that I'm totally in as well?!

    March 28th works for me but I'm also open to the idea of a longer time frame. That way we could have more fun doing question related things on elfster or purchase necessary supplies etc.

    What do the rest of y'all think? Is 3ish weeks enough time?

  3. I'm so in.

    A short timeline works for me...but i just put a fabric order in last week (to the purl bee - they had a sale:) , so i should be set. I'm flexible though...


  4. I am in in in and the March 28 timeline works for me... now that the pj quilt is done done done ;)

  5. This is the perfect project for a swap, especially for us beginners! March 28 works for me but I better get started now if I want to actually meet the deadline - that is, after I finish the post I am writing (yeah, that's right, it's really happening) YAY! Miss you gals!

  6. I am definitely in, too. I could probably make a March 28th deadline. I have some ideas and will just need to see if I could round up some materials.

  7. I am in too! And would be open to a slightly longer time frame.. but I'm flexible :)
    Great idea!!