Friday, February 18, 2011

An assignment, nay, a PROJECT.

Let's get this board moving again! I love to hear about everyone's lives (pictures are a bonus). I know that I think about posting every once in a while but then the thought of writing about EVERYTHING that's happened since the last post is so overwhelming that I end up making cupcakes instead. So, I propose we get the ball rolling with an assignment...nay...a PROJECT.

We love projects, don't we? I was thinking anyone could post project topics like "your top 5 books", "best recipe you've made in the past week",...ooh, the ideas are limitless!!

Project #1: Tell us/show us 5 things that are new(-ish) in your life. The could be photos of goods, a quip from YouTube, your newest creation, and so forth to infinity.

I'll start.

1. Aaron and I made a gingerbread house for follows our ideal property plan.

Aaron made a breadstick shed; it even has the notches so that the 'logs' fit into each other.

Lots of deer on the property.

I forgot to take good pictures of the deer stand.

2. A few of my New Year Resolutions are to call people who are away more often, respond to emails as soon as I get them, to eat at min 1 'dive' per month, and to start composting.

So far I feel like my first 3 resolutions are well under way!

3. I'm loving celebrating holidays, especially since some of them involve food I've never tried before.

We celebrated Chinese New Year for the first time since I've moved away from home. It was really fun to make some dishes that we used to eat at home. My original menu plan featured 4 dishes, and just kept growing until it settled around a gazillion dishes on the actual day.

Hanukkah festivities were also celebrated - I learnt that I'm terrible at dreidelling, and that oil plays a very large role in this holiday (hurrah!).

4. There was a bout where there was so much snow that we couldn't help but play in it

Otis showing Andrea who's the boss.

Late night revelry.

5. I have 2 pairs of earrings that I'm loving right now (impromptu Photo Booth photos!)

One was a present for myself, and the other was from one of my favourite people :)

Okay ladies, your turn! Since I know that some of you work better with a deadline, I'm going to give this project 1 week! Due date Fri, Feb. 25. (If you can come up with a doctor's note, I am pretty flexible with excuses of tardiness....)



  1. Kim, these pictures killed me. The shot of Andrea and Otis had me doubled over. You can snap an action shot like nobody's business.

    Great idea for a blog post. I'll be thinking of my five things over the weekend. :)

  2. done and done....

    Kim - you rock my world.

  3. Sascha - I'd say that I only get 1 decent action shot for every 30 that I shoot, so...not great odds! But, luckily for me, Andrea and Otis were playing for a long time :).

    I'm not sure how to get good resolution on the blog - it seems as though the pics publish fuzzy, but if you click on them they are more clear. Anyone know anything about this kind of stuff??

    Alana - Thanks lady! I hear that we may get a chance to see you guys this weekend?! Yayyyyyyy!

  4. Okay, I might need to use my get out of jail free card in terms of the deadline. But I have a good excuse! I'm giving a talk on Thursday at my undergrad that I have to get ready for. Wait, does that count as one of my "things"? Okay, there's one. 4 more are forthcoming....

  5. Great idea Kim! My goal is to write my first blog post... soonish :)

  6. Ok, I answered the challenge, but can't figure out how to make it an actual post... so here it is... can someone send instructions for the bloggily challenged please :)

    This is particularly important because....

    1. I have been working on my first blog post! It is a work in progress, but close to being finished. Having waited so long it feels like it should be good... it will be up as soon as I....

    2. Finish my pajama quilt. That is the second thing I have been working on... it is soo so close. One more night of a chick flick and some hand sewing and it will be complete!

    3. What else have I been doing?... last week I was in Jasper to visit John... we went backcoutry skiing and attempted to ice climb but the climb was full of snow... here is a link to the climb we'd wanted to do... It is called 'edge of the world'. As you're walking out the trail, the trail just ends and you feel like you are at the edge of the world... then you rappel down and climb up the ice :)

    4. This trip was on borrowed gear (which I didn't get to use). The next trip will be on my own gear because another thing I have been doing is purchasing gear! Yay for an outdoor store job :)
    These sweet puppies will soon be mine!!! You attach crampons and then feel like a super hero!;jsessionid=8C184012ABD243B05704EBA2C215285C

    5. Lastly, during my drive to the mtns I discovered this new song which some of you may have listened to from my facebook....

    5.5 I have been working on the thesis... but that only get a .5 :)

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  8. Ooooh, I can't wait to see your pyjama quilt, Kim! I've never seen this puppy.

    Hmmm..."Edge-of-the-World"...not sure if I'd call it an "easy warm up climb" like the description does, but that's because I think climbing ice is CRAZY!

    To post: I've added you as an author...check your gmail account to confirm, and then you can sign into blogger with your google ID and post! ('New Post' is in top right corner of page)