Monday, February 21, 2011

Sascha's 1st Blog Project

Wow, I have to admit that this was a pretty difficult assignment for me. There isn't much going on in the Jeffers' household. I did, however, manage to come up with 5 new(ish) things in my life. The photos in this post are poor quality since I took them with my iTouch in low light. My deepest apologies considering this blog will likely follow Kim's incredibly clear action shots. ;)

1.  New: Weekends alone after becoming a Mum.

This weekend was the first weekend I have spent alone (without Lee or Cora) since Cora was born. Lee and Cora went to Denver to see Lee's dad and I opted to stay home to "work". By work I mean hanging out with friends, sewing, and scrapbooking. It was definitely fun at first, but by Sunday I was lonely. They were supposed to come home today, but as luck would have it, the dates on their tickets were messed up. They will hopefully be getting in tomorrow around 3pm. The picture below is where I've been camped out the last two days. My computer, afghan project, iTouch, remote control, and telephone have been very good companions. If only I could teach the dog to make dinner or fetch me another glass of wine...

2.  New: Wedding Scrapbook

Saturday was spent scrapbooking with Eva! I haven't had my scrapbooking supplies out in FOREVER. Needless to say, they are incredibly outdated. Eva was working on wedding stuff, so I followed her lead and dug out my wedding photos. Maybe this wedding album will be done by April 15, which happens to be Lee's and my 5 year anniversary. Wouldn't that be a nice present to the both of us?

3.  New: Weekend Getaway, BOOKED!

This week, I booked a little get away for our family at the Castle Mountain Chalets in March. Lee's mom will be here for her birthday, so we decided it would be fun to take her to the mountains to celebrate. I am really looking forward to this quick get away. Bring on March, baby! This picture was taken the last time we stayed there back in 2007. This time we have a cabin rather than a room in the lodge. FUN!

4.  New: Sewing project, of course.

Since Lee's mom will be here on her birthday, I had to make her a birthday present. This is the bag that I have been working on for her. I have most of the pieces cut. Now I need to get the sucker sewn.

5.  New: Pedigree

Finally, I had to show this off. Below is a picture of the Western Hudson Bay polar bear pedigree. It spans about 30 years and opens up a zillion doors for questions to be answered. I am pretty excited about this one.


  1. Nice Sasha! You got some of the science into the science sews and sautes! That may be the first real science mention and definately the first science picture. Sweet!

    Hope you have a great reunion when Lee and Cora return... she looks so grown up in that picture on facebook right now!

  2. I've never gotten into scrapbooking, but I love looking at them. I see lots of awesome pictures, can't wait to see them whole thing!

    I love the purple of the purse, I can't get enough of that colour! Can you change the colour of the pedigree lines to purple? Hahah...I love it when science is aesthetically pleasing...

  3. Your quilt is so awesome Sascha!! I love it.

    Hope you're enjoying having hubby and Cora home again...although it did look pretty cozy and peaceful on that couch...