Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apron Appeal

Okay ladies. I'm on the prowl. On the prowl for a pattern. A pretty pattern. A pretty pattern for an apron.

That would have sounded a lot more elegant had 'apron' started with a 'p.'

Anyway, I found some styles I really like ( ; especially the Jessie and Eloise), but these are obviously for sale as the finished product. In addition to totally overwhelming myself with googling "free apron patterns," I've decided to appeal to you all to see if you have any specific tips on where to look for a rather feminine, frilly apron pattern.

Any ideas?



    They aren't free, but I really like the 1st and 2nd pattern. I just stumbled onto this website.

  2. You're only just discovering pink chalk?!? I really really like her...although I did prefer her shop before the prices went up

  3. I know!! I am still getting my feet wet in this world of sewing blogs and websites. Pink Chalk is amazing. But, don't tell me she raises prices! That sucks.

  4. Do you for sure want a full apron? I have a cute 50s pattern for a half one I could email you.