Monday, October 18, 2010

I figured it was about time...

I can't believe it took this long to write my first blog post. But never mind that...who writes blog posts about blogging?!

First off I would like to say how much I miss each and every one of you...'cause it is A LOT!! With some of you now settled in new far off lands and the rest of us faced with the crunch (pun intended...hehehe) of fall deadlines, things just haven't been the same around here. I'm missing late evening sewing sessions, Sunday afternoon [watching everyone else] sewing sessions, random afternoon jaunts for coffee, and stuff your face dinner parties with my girls (and truth be told...even Joe's yelling). Maria and Kim have been talking about a Skype date sewing session and I think we should all try to make this happen sometime after Kim is done with the dreaded candidacy exam.

As for me, busy as per usual! I've gone back to working in hell...oops, I mean the good ol' St Louis lab. Surprisingly though, things aren't too bad around here and I'm looking forward to getting my manuscript submitted in the next month or so (the boss man is actually paying me for a week or 2 to finish up my edits)...sometimes it does pay to procrastinate. And speaking of procrastination, I've been avoiding my work quite nicely by playing with fabric and getting ready to start a new quilt. I'm super happy with the way my dodo bird fabric translated into a pillow and have been wanting to make a matching quilt along the same color scheme.
                                                That's it poking through in the background!

And then, when the leaves started changing color I just couldn't handle it anymore...I started pulling fabrics out from under my bed. Here's the combo...what do you think?? I can't decide if I want to add anymore yellows or leave it as is. My swap buddies have been super helpful in helping me to acquire some of the fabris that I had in short supply (for example, the mustard wallflower which was kind of a must have). I have 104 squares cut...and only about 100+ to go...good thing I like to procrastinate :)

Love you all dearly and miss you much! L


  1. A new post, yay! It is very pretty as is, but adding more yellow would only make it better. I LOVE the bird/tree fabric. Although let's be honest, I love almost any bird and/or tree fabric. :-) Can't wait to see progress!

  2. oh, i love love love it. I think I might add another yellow too, but maybe it would work fine if you just bumped up the number of blocks in the yellows you already have. I can't wait to see this. Maybe we should have a quilt-a-long!?

  3. I love it as it is and I also love love love the yellow bird/tree fabric. The blues and greens are just gorgeous.

  4. A quilt-a-long Ms Maria would be lovely...although I fear you're quilt will be due for completion before I even get to sewing my blocks together.

    I'm going to be a copy cat though and do a simple square design with diagonal quilting...hope you don't mind!

    oh, and I've added another yellow to the mix...and by added, I mean recklessly purchased more fabric. oops.

  5. Guhhh...I see some Ink and Spindle...yummmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. I LOVE THIS FABRIC! What have you done to me, Linnea?