Monday, October 25, 2010

Hungry Hippos mascot anyone??

Meet Artamer...
... this handsome young hippo comes from the incredibly talented hands and creative mind of Ms Badskirt in the land down under (you know...the crazy place where the Christmas season brings with it many cute summer dress wearing opportunities rather than ugly sweater parties). I've been admiring Amy's quirky style and fabulous Hippo family for a long time now but only recently started to get to know her better (she's one of those fabulous "swappy-poo" buddies I mentioned in the last post). Well anyways...I'll stop blathering on about Amy because you can go check her out for yourselves. 

What I REALLY want to talk about is this huggable-lovable hippo who sent me a telegram the other day (quite some time ago now really but I only just received know the telegram service just isn't what it used to be) submitting his resume to be the Hungry Hungry Hippo's team mascot. He had pretty well given up hope by the time I got back to him...and now he needs a little reassurance that we're really the right fit for him. Head on over to visit his manager (yes, he's become THAT popular in recent times) and she'll fill you in on what it will take to get him back on-board. (Maybe just don't mention the fact that the Hungry Hungry Hippos have disbanded, k?!)

Happy Monday (and don't forget to wish Ms Kim a big congratulations on Friday)!


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  2. Oh, I saw Artamer on the amityville blog and entered the giveaway right before you posted this. He is wonderful!

  3. Oh the Hungry Hungry Hippos. Truth be told I was at first mystified by this blog post until my memory finally returned! (How could I forget?) Best team name ever!

  4. I vote for re-banding the Hungry Hippos!