Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Ode to Crafting

In the wake of many of us embarking on new adventures, I was inspired to write the little ditty below. Cheers to Crafting!

An Ode to Crafting

by Mara Erickson (crafter-in-training)

Dedicated to the crafty ladies of Edmonton, AB (and Smithers, BC, and Fort Collins, CO, and Minneapolis, MN, and Sackville, NB,
and wherever else we may end up!)

There once were some ladies who’d craft

with talents in baking to match.

And then the group split

for new spots to knit,

but never forgot how they laughed!


  1. A perfect Ode. We all need to have a skype crafting day as soon as you and Lani are settled in. Crafting from near and far.

  2. oh I love it! I also need to get caught up on who is where and why! I'm so out of the loop!! Nice job Mara :)

  3. Awesome! We will laugh and craft again... craftcation 2012 must happen!

  4. *tear*

    Awww, everyone come back!

    Is it almost time to set up a craft swap?

  5. Oh Mara...everytime I read this it puts a smile on my face! And it seems so fitting that you have no indeed found a new knitting spot! miss you. xo