Friday, July 15, 2011

Last minute finish

I finished my first quilt...about 20 minutes before I showed up at the surprise retirement party for my Mom where I was giving it to her. Nothing like a little time constraint for motivation. Car trips are a good time for hand binding, but not so much when you get motion sickness. Anyway, here is Derek holding up the finished product in the gas station parking lot. Classy!

Not the scenic photo shoot I was imagining to showcase the quilt. Oh well. Also forgot to take some close-ups of the finished quilt, but here is one of me working on the binding while camping.

I'm happy with the finished product (and my Mom loves it!), but definitely learned some lessons along the way. I already have plans for the next two quilts that I want to make :). 


  1. Lindsey! This is really really impressive! Not to mention BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colours and the pattern you selected. What is that line? I don't recognize it..

    And I love the idea of binding a quilt in a hammock. Amen.

    Hope you're having a lovely summer!


  2. That quilt is gorgeous! I am sooo disappointed I didn't see it in person. I second the thought of binding a quilt in a hammock. Bliss.

  3. Hand-sewing + hammock + camping = rough life.

    Nice work :-)

  4. Thanks ladies! The hammock binding was good times.

    Maria - the fabric is a combo of two lines from Kate Spain - Fandango and Central Park.

  5. I love the idea of quilting in a hammock...though I suspect I would probably end up stabbing myself a lot. Any headway on those 2 quilts you speak of?

  6. Oh, and yes..awesome quilt! I love the red binding!