Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cowgirl Tumbler Quilt

The Cowgirl Quilt has left the building. I struggled a bit with this quilt. My original plan was to do a quilt like the one shown in the photo below. But, I just didn't like this quilt at all. I felt as though there were too many competing patterns in small blocks and the fun cowgirlness of the fabrics was lost. I also hated the solid fabrics. Baby blue and two shades of brown. They couldn't have been more boring.

I started messing around with the layout of the quilt and eventually narrowed it down to this one. First, I liked that I nixed the solids. I also combined the mirror images of two trapezoids to create a larger hexagon block to show off the kitschy cowboy printed pattern. I felt like this quilt worked.

I also pieced together chunks of batting so I didn't have to buy more. I had no idea how to do this (or if I could). I asked Google and got some pretty good ideas and then went for it. Google said to hand stitch. I would rather have just bought more than hand stitch this batting together. I instead used a wide zigzag stitch which seemed to work.  I hope the batting doesn't separated inside the quilt some day. Oh well. That is what the quilting is for, right?

I used red thread for the quilting. I quilted about 1/4" to 1/2" on each side of the zigzag seam. In addition, I stitched the horizontal ditch between each row to help the batting out a bit.

I didn't love the quilt while I was making it. I certainly liked it, but never loved it. By the end though, I did love it. I hope the new baby, Lilyanna, likes her new quilt.

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  1. Awesome Sascha! I agree... I love your new quilt better than the original plan. Definately nice to highlight the awesom fabrics. You're a super woman!!