Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wedding Attire

Wow. This post is late. Also, Wow. I haven't been on the blog in a loooong time. Maria, those quilts were beautiful! I'm a sucker for blue. Kim, delicious looking food as usual. Why are you in science again? Because, Chef Extraordinaire would suit you just fine as well. Mara, I love those nails....? HA! The hat is really adorable.

The last sewing I did was all the way back in January. I made Cora a dress for my sister's wedding. Beau got a sweet little matching bow tie. Now that I have started typing this, I don't remember the name of the dress. It was a Sis Boom pattern, I think? If anyone actually cares, I'll find it at that point. I know where it is, I am just too lazy to get it. I had bought this fabric when I was pregnant with Beau. I loved this particular FMF print, so I scooped it up when Denyse Schmidt re-released the line.

The construction of the dress had a steep learning curve. I have never made anything with a liner. The bodice was lined, but the skirt was not. I decided to line both. I also wanted the skirt to have more volume and be way above the knee. Think Shirley Temple style. It baffles me that there aren't more dresses like this on the market for little girls. It is all about current trends, but I'd like to keep Cora little as long as possible. The cummerbund piece was only a detail on the front of the dress. I thought it looked a little odd that way, so I extended it all the way around. I also made ruffled butt bloomers in the same pink accent fabric since the skirt was going to be super short. In the last year, Cora has grown a ton, but hasn't gained any weight. Because of this, I had to add darts in the back to pull the bodice in a bit. I also had the bright idea to use black thread to sew the thing. Basically, I was too lazy to go to the store and buy thread that would blend in. As a result, I have dark contrast stitching, and it looks like shit since I can't sew straight for the life of me. Overall, I love the dress. Cora looked super cute. The bow tie for Beau was one of the easiest things I have ever made. He looked so cute with it. I highly recommend bow ties for any boys in one's life. Freaking adorable.

Alas, I have terrible photos of the creations. Of course, I didn't take any photos at the wedding. I thought the photographer would get one of our whole family, but it didn't happen. So, we're left with crappy iPhotos and one I stole off of facebook that Cora just happened to be in.

Mid construction
Finished project

blurry side view. The waist band didn't line up perfect. Oh well. There was a zipper on the other side that looked terrible. I hate zippers. I will never figure them out.

Seriously. A flowery bow tie to match his sister. So freaking cute.

The closest we got to a family photo. Lee's iPhone taken while I was getting ready. I have to give him props. He got the kids ready all by himself. The only problem was Cora's dress was on backwards. I was impressed it was on at all.
The only full length shot of Cora. Ruffled socks, mary jane's, and a short skirt. She looked so sweet. I really don't think I was being overly biased either. :)

That is all the crafting/sewing I have done in 2013. I really need to start and finish Beau's quilt. I've been getting the sewing itch this week. Maybe I'll have it started by Monday. :) On a side note, we've been enjoying the incredibly nice weather, house hunting, fishing, birds, and all things spring. As most of your know, we lost our dog, Reggie, about a month ago. He was 15 years old and about a day shy of ancient. It really sucked. Pretty much every major event of Lee's life and a good chunk of mine, Reggie was there. Reg was there when Lee turned 16 and in the passenger seat when he took his first solo spin in his Blazer. He was there for Lee's high school graduation. He was there for both of our college graduations, wedding day, birth of both kids, moves to and from Canada, pretty much everything. 80% of our vacations we drove so he could tag along. He used to wait outside with his tennis ball while I took my summer classes in Wyoming. He was one of those dogs. I'd be lying if I said we didn't still choke up when thinking about him. And then Subaru puts commercials like this on during March Madness and Lee and I are bawling our eyes out.

 And with that, I am signing off. Miss you all tons. However, see some of you soon. May 9-12, I'm in Edmonton for some socialization! Just me. No kids. No husband. YES!!


  1. Oh god, that made ME cry! Jesus, Subaru. Now I want to buy your car.

    Adorable dress, as usual. I need to step up and make Sonja some of those cute things.

    Can't wait to see you, woop woop!

  2. This dress is adorable, I love the colour, and the adding a liner was a great idea!! Also...I want those socks :)

    I can't wait to hear more about the house hunting!!!

    Miss you...I think we overlap in Edmonton by a couple of hours...

  3. Cora's dress/sock/shoe/kneecap combination was fantastic. Beautiful use of that fabric... and the bow tie almost made me weak it was so freakin' adorable. So sorry to hear about Reg. Crying over that Subaru ad is completely legit. :( Keep us posted on the house-hunt efforts! Miss you all!! xoxo