Saturday, April 27, 2013


just a couple snaps to show you all what is in the works,...

... my cousin is having a girl in July! I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get away from my usual blue/green/cream combo and try out this warm and spicy pink/purple/orange pallet. The quilt is a 'disappearing nines' pattern and will be about 3'x4'.... will post more when it's completed!

I hope spring has found you all! It has made its way to south eastern New Brunswick, finally... Now that the winter hibernation is over, I'm itching to get plants in the ground and kitchen cabinets painted and curtains made,... If you find yourselves at loose ends, help from abroad is always welcome ;)

much love,


  1. I thought I had commented on this already, but I hadn't. This is simply gorgeous so far--can't wait to see the finished product! Let's also chat soon so we can plan a time for me to get my tookus out to see you.

  2. Pictures please! What does this look like now? Also, i'd love to see the curtains if you've got some on the go...maybe it will inspire me to finish the 1 seam missing from my bedroom curtains!