Friday, October 7, 2011

life of a commuter part deux

3 reasons why yesterday didn’t suck:

1. As I was lugging my ridiculously heavy suitcase to the train station at 7:30 yesterday morning – a small piece of luggage, with no rollies, but filled with beets and potatoes (UNBC has a farmers’ market every week – I can’t help myself!!), so a bit heavy when added to the computer bag, purse and another food bag - a very nice woman saw me struggling and drove me to the train station. Never met her or seen her before in my life, but I like her!

2. When I got to the train station, the woman behind the desk remembered me from previous trips and erased the $22 service fee VIA was going to charge me for changing my ticket. She has chickens too. They’re not laying very many eggs.

3. The service manager gave me free coffee and tea all day. That’s the clincher for me folks. Give me a warm beverage and we’re friends for life!

Summary: Prince George is a city with the heart of a small town, VIA rail continues to rock, and a hot cup of caffeine would go a long way to making world peace a reality.

Happy Friday.


  1. 1 reason why today didn't suck:

    1) This post.

  2. Great Post, Alana. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ditto Kim's comment. I love your posts Alana.

  4. Me too! Yay to cities with the heart of small towns and life running smoothly on delicious free caffeine!!