Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Crafts

I know it’s not even November, but there has been talk swirling in the air regarding another craft swap, this time with a winter theme. Some folks thought it would be fun to leave the craft up to the creator’s imagination, rather than having everyone create a specific “thing.” I thought I’d put the feelers out in the blogosphere, and in my infinite wisdom decided to google image search “winter crafts” to get into the spirit. About 90% of what I saw were kid’s crafts, presumably intended as presents. Some of these “gifts” reminded me why I need to mature a bit more before having children, if only in the hope that with time I’ll be able to better appreciate what little hands make. Because right now, I don’t. For example:

Exhibit A:

What purpose does this serve? Is this supposed to be “cute”? I find it rather morbid and depressing. “Look mom, I made you a dying snowman! Merry Christmas!”

Exhibit B:

I really don’t like popsicle stick crafts. I feel they’re a cop out somehow. To make this little gem you need the following: 3 craft sticks for each snowflake; white glue [racists!]; glitter, buttons, sequins, craft jewels, etc. They forgot to mention talent.

Exhibit C:

WTF? If I were a bird, I would turn up my beak at this monstrosity. At least make it in the shape of a bell or something. This looks disgusting.

Exhibit D:

And finally…this. I think it speaks for itself.

Okay, no it doesn’t—I have to chime in. Here is the caption that accompanied this item:

"Q: (from "Christa) Oh, there are so many questions that I'd like to ask, but I'm going to keep it simple tonight. You are all very creative and craft and I'm wondering if you have any great ideas for some fun winter crafts.

A: Well Christa, I don't know how crafty we are but we sure are required to get crafty in the dead of winter. or maybe we get a little crazy? Here is one simple idea of craft fun with some things you probably already have in your pantry somewhere."

Hey Christa--I also have a bottle of booze in my pantry, which clearly I loaded up on before coming up with this fantastic craft idea!

Anyway, I’m confident we can do better with our Christmas craft swap. And if you draw my name, don’t worry—I promise I’ll love whatever you make. (As long as it’s not constructed out of popsicle sticks.)


  1. This post cracked me up, Mara! I think this is a great idea, but maybe we could push it off to February-ish. Since we are getting close to Christmas, maybe we could start gearing ideas towards our Christmas gift exchange.

  2. agreed. February-ish would be good.

    Also - i am stocking up on popsicle sticks and a bedazzle in hopes I pick you for the swap... :)