Friday, August 27, 2010

Some crafty giftys from our wedding

I guess i should start with a photo of our wedding:

Photos by Amanda Follett

For the record - Mark hated the didn't last long, but i thought he was going to run into the hills! Also, he looks rather handsome in a skirt:)

So here are a few of the crafts we whipped up from the wedding:

This is a bag I made for the wonderful Alaine (my unofficial, official matron of honour). It's not perfect, but it's by far the best thing I've sewn so far!

The deer image was silk screened courtesy of 2 days spent in Sophie's studio, and we used it on a bunch of different things...ties, pillow case, canvas for the purse...

Above is the inside of the purse. I made a pocket. I didn't mess it up. I feel pretty good about that.

These are some of the ties we made for a few of the fellas. By made I mean Sophie printed on the ties while I held the screen down

We also silk-screened on a bunch of t-shirts, an apron and some canvas bags:

The thank-you tags were definitely a bit of a labour of love. I was determined to use this amazing mulberry paper I got in Vancouver, but of course it was completely impractical as it can't go through the printer. I ended up using Sophie's Gocco machine and used veneer business cards as a backing for the tags. I loved them.

Mark and I also made jam. Lots and lots of jam. I used an 'old fashioned' recipe that requires leaving the strawberries and sugar for 24 hours and then eight hours so that you don't need to add pectin. This has worked well in the past, but when we 20 or 30x the recipe, the cooking times change, and apparently this affects the setting process. Needless to say the jam is tasty, beautifully red, but best used for dipping or pouring over ice cream! :(

This is my very pregnant friend Lisa (who recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl) helping me cut out perfect circles for the jam labels. I used a silk screen to print the labels in a colour I liked onto hemp paper I liked. Then we stuck double sided sticker tape to the bottom and used a Martha Stewart circle cutting device to cut them into circles for the lids...I know...a stupid amount of work for a sticker, but I was as pleased as could be with the final product!

We made 79 jars. I don't want to make anymore jam for awhile.

This is just a shot of my spinning wheel. I finally spun something I'm almost proud of. I of course forgot to take a picture of the finished skein before I gave it to Mark's sister as her thank you gift, but it is an icelandic cross wool that I got from the lady in Edmonton who sold us lamb the other year. Really nice stuff. I spun it in the grease, didn't dye it, and made it 2-ply...not sure if anyone cares about that...but I think it's good for me to document it somewhere what I did!

I think that's it. There was obviously a lot more. I can't find pictures of the masons jars in all their glory, but here's a shot of the hall all decked out. It's tough to see the jars, but they were simple and beautiful. I loved it. The food was simple and delicious and the party was amazing!

I need to work on getting pictures from everybody, but I leave you with these of some people having a good 'ol time with some good 'ol fashioed scottish country dancing!

(Photos by Amanda Follett)


  1. this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I will write a more detailed comment about this after I stop crying (and after I eat breakfast). xoxo.

  2. As much as I love your crafty crafts...I'd like more pictures of you in your beautiful dress alongside your hubby in his beautiful skirt, please! ;-)

  3. point noted. I will post a few :)

  4. Alana, your wedding pictures blow my mind. You guys look so beautiful!! I want more. Especially more Mark-in-skirt action. I am also uber jealous of this amazing silk screening business...I am in love with those ties. And the thank-you tags. And the bag. And...

    I'm going to contain myself here and just make one overarching statement:

    I love it all!

  5. Eek! I cannot get over all the beauty and secret craftiness! It all turned out beautifully...including the bride and groom I might add. I second or third or...well...whatever comes after that....the motion for more beautiful bride and groom photos. Tears are definitely welling up over here. do I get some of this jam for pouring over ice cream? or better yet, a fancy sticker?

    Yay! Congrats again!!

  6. I have not been reading the blog!! And look at how much I am missing! Eeek. I love all the crafiness of the wedding. It was organic and Beeeeautiful! I will post a picture of a certain pillow covering soon... as soon as I get to it, my project list is long!