Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life in Sackville so far,...

Hello lovely ladies,
I thought I'd share a teaser of what I've been doing and seeing since life in Sackville began 2 weeks ago...

Walking around Mount Allison campus.... 

Sitting by the swan pond,...

Hanging clothes to dry....
Making delicious drinks with mint and Italian soda!...

(This I call "unemployed on a summer friday afternoon")

Eating nectarines,..

Buying furniture,...

And more furniture,..

Painting sewing rooms,....

... and missing you all,..


ps. I realize that this has little to do with either crafting or cooking, but I thought you wouldn't mind ;)


  1. I love updates! Your backyard looks amazing.

    A clothesline! How quaint! The furniture: quaint! Ivy-covered buildings: uber quaint!

    Keep 'em coming, lady.

  2. The backyard is a soccer pitch,.. or frisbee field,... or I'm sure it will make a lovely ice rink in the winter. huge. Thankfully, landlord Craig comes to mow it on his equally huge ride-on tractor-mower once a week.

  3. Free mowing service? Sounds like heaven!

  4. I want that drink poured in and around my face. Miss you M.

    Also, hope you girls don't mind me eavesdropping on your blog. Cause it's great. Really great.

  5. Haha! Welcome, James! ;-) Maria, I miss you!!! One of these days I'll post...something...I did make a coffee cozy today, yay!