Friday, October 25, 2013

Low-FODMAP desserts?

Hello ladies!!

We are hosting some friends for dinner on Sunday and one of the guests is on a low-FODMAP diet (, I have come up with plenty of ideas for the main course, but am struggling with a good dessert idea. I am somewhat limited by the availability of certain items here, so seasonal is better, and while I have a large array of different gluten-free flours, they come in very small (and expensive) bags, so I'd prefer the only be used in small (<1-2 cup) amounts. Simple is good, but complex is still doable!

Does anyone have any advice?



  1. See if any of these float your boat:

    I'm sure there are a bajillion other fodmap pinterest boards too.

    I have a recipe for lemon-coconut macaroons that's super easy if you want it, and would go great w/ ice cream made w/ homemade yogurt (fermented for long enough to eat up the lactose) OR coconut milk.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Mara. Pinterest was very helpful for main course recipes! In the end we ended up going dessert-less, but I'd still love the lemon-coconut macaroon recipe for future use.

  3. The guys' side is kicking your ass these days. C'mon.