Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly links.

These are kinds of photos I take on fly fishing trips when we don't catch any fish.

Hello ladies!  Spring has finally sprung and that means that it's time to crawl out of my dark winter hole. I've always noticed that as soon as the days start getting longer, I start getting up earlier, I get into a more regular work out schedule, and I spend more time drinking beer on patios with friends. All good things!

While I'm on this roll, I wanted to start something that I've been wanting to do. I love the weekly round-ups that many bloggers do, so I'm going to try my darndest to do something similar, and try to post at least one photograph each week with the post. If anyone else feels so inclined to also do this, that would be very very cool.

Math + 90s television show = my favourite kind of joke.

I've been thinking about buying a watch and I think I'm drawn to classic styles with a twist. Like this. Or this.

Grammar wisdom.

I'm still watching this Gotye video over and over again. You've probably already heard this amazing cover, but if you haven't, you're welcome! (Update: my friend just sent me this video, making this the longest series of linked links of all time. (But it's totally worth it.))

This fish identification issue has been of great interest to me, and is often a source of internal conflict.

Would it be silly to buy a smart phone just so I could deck it out with this?

Some interesting information (and of course, amazing footage) of The Last Waltz. RIP Levon Helm.

-xo- Kim


  1. Yay for a new post! I love your picture; it reminds me of my home in MN, climbing our pussywillow trees.

    And I support your impending smart phone purchase. As long as I can buy this one.

  2. Might as well go all out Mara...

    You might need to get a bigger purse.

  3. Good blog idea, Kim! First off, I think the coral watch was designed for you. Secondly, I have been completely sucked in to all that is Gotye. I can't wait to show him the video of the cover and the spoof of the cover. Funny stuff.

  4. I would just like to say: yes, yes, yes, yes, Yes, YES, and YES!!!!

    This blog post made me really happy. Filled with many of my favourite things too and a great weekly round-up of things that are super current. I will personally try to meet this challenge...though am thinking more along the lines of a monthly round-up, because lets face it I'm neither cool enough nor do I have enough time to be up on the weekly trends on a weekly basis.

    I almost cried when Tom told me about Levon...and then when Frank Turner did a shout out to him at the Joel Plaskett show and played The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down I actually did shed a tear. I'm not really sure why. It made me think of all the nights at Joe and Lani's with the Last Waltz playing in the background...perhaps most infamously the night of my mom's funeral. Lani...if you're reading this...WE MISS YOU!!!

    And as for the smart phone idea...brilliant! They only talk to you when you want them to...and that cover is AMAZING!

  5. I LOVE the coral watch, Kim!

  6. And Linnea, that was definitely a memorable night! at least for us, anyway...probably a little more blurry for you :) And I am definitely jealous you got to see JP again. I have to say, I am really missing the Canadian music scene! And missing all you gals even more!