Saturday, January 14, 2012

A recap of today, and this past year.

A quick analysis of my day reveals that so far I've managed to:

1. Turn a cheestring into Ollie the Orangutan, as suggested on the packaging;
2. Eat 4 packages of '100 cal' Special K bars (This type of gimmick doesn't work for me apparently);
3. Contemplate whether this product is going to change my life:;
4. Lift weights at Goodlife with our gym crew (whaddup M&L) (P.S. I was secretly thinking of cheesestrings the entire time);
5. Conclude that ramen is great, but pho is better;
6. Turn another cheesestring into Helicopter Heather;

Despite the fact that I have clearly already had a very productive and gratifying day, I am really going for it...a blog post to top off this day...

... so I present: Crafts of 2011!

I made a quilt.

I made pottery.

 Aaron and I made mittens out of his deer hide.

I made other random things.

This recap makes me realize that I didn't make much this year.

I've plotted an interesting relationship based on my observations of my photos from this past year:



  1. Kim, you are currently the reigning champion of "Most Accomplished Science Sews Crafter of 2011". Congratulations. I would buy your pottery. I love your quilt. And those mittens...

    Conversation between my husband and myself after Aaron had to show off his mittens.
    Lee: Why can't you make cool stuff like that?
    Sascha: Because you can't hit the broad side of a barn with your rifle. You kill, I sew. Simple.
    Lee: ... (speechless)


  2. Ha! love it Sascha!

    and yes Kim - your lack of crafting 2011 looks a hell of a lot like a significant i need to perform stats to prove my case?

    can we get a few more close ups of the pottery. i love it. kim o.'s got talent!:)

  3. Kimbo!

    LOVE the pottery....and everything else in this post....pretty diverse craft showing if you ask me. Also, I am currently in possession of a sample of the aforementioned "dry shampoo." It came attached to the shampoo I just bought. I remain skeptical...but I'll let you know how it works out!