Monday, June 6, 2011


I have an affliction.

Every time I am almost done a simple sewing project, I always decide to make it "better" (a.k.a. complicated beyond words). This usually translates to a disastrous end product.

I blame patterns.  I get near the end of the pattern, the finished project within 2 seams of being done, and I think to myself, "Wow, that was so easy.  This looks so good.  I should probably make my life a complete disaster now by doing something really hard." I swear that those exact words pulse through my brain.

Case in point: This past weekend I decided to make a lunch bag. I found this free and cute pattern:

I duly read the instructions and all the comments.  I noted that Ellen said "zipper...great idea....some sort of suggestion [along the lines of 'don't use this pattern if you want to have a zipper']...would make zipper easier"

Fast forward 2 hours. Outer layer sewn. Lining sewn. Just need to stitch the tops together.

Kim decides to add a zipper.

Kim immediately forgets that it was suggested that this design would be difficult to add a zipper.  Kim goes for it.

Kim spends the next 4 hours ripping, sewing, turning inside out, ripping, sewing, ripping, sewing, flipping, and swearing. Of course, the entire time I was thinking to myself: I could just take out this zipper and go back to the original plan. But I really wanted a zipper!

I ended up having to rip off the metal piece that prevents the zipper from falling off:

The zipper fell off many times.  Often when the bag was guts out.

Speaking of guts bag herniated. A lot.

I almost herniated. A lot. Especially when this happened:

In the end, I finally completed her. It wasn't pretty, but I manage to suture up this puppy after a number of botched surgeries.

I do adore the bag. I love that it is lined with waterproof fabric and that the zipper can either be fully zippable or semi-unzippable,  and I even love that I wish that I had put a pocket in it.

Also, it now has a dual purpose: it's a lunch bag AND a daily reminder that I am delusional at best when it comes to improvisational sewing.


  1. Tyson and I sat here and laughed so hard :) At least you finish projects! I just start them!! Loved the bag and the lining ;)

  2. Funny post, Kim O!! The bag is splendid. I love the fabrics, and it was the perfect way to use the oil cloth.

  3. hheehehehe....awesome. I second the loving of the fabric - I'd be pumped to pull a cheese sandwich out of that bag. Clearly the pattern required a zipper..who ever wrote it without is stupid:)

    if you're delusional then I have amnesia. Every time, i'll start a project forgetting that i always procrastinate, build the project up in my head, am completely stressed out about finishing on time, don't enjoy making the thing i built up and then being disappointed in the final product.

    if that's not a formula for success, i don't know what is!!!

  4. Awesome Kim! I think the herniated bag pics were my favorite! I always love everything you make. These days not even starting any projects, but very much looking forward to post-August sewing!!