Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Soooo close!

As many of you know, during craftcation 2010 I started my first quilt. I wanted to put together something relatively simple and small for my first quilting project and I thought a baby quilt for Tyson's expecting sister might be just the ticket!

That was in April.
It is now November. (gasp).

Our newest niece, Sarah Catherine Rogers, arrived at 7 pm on October 29 and her quilt is still not ready, BUT I have made some significant advancements in the past week, and I'm hoping that everything will be completed by the time we finally meet her this Saturday!

Here is the photo I took just after craftcation. I sent this to Kim while she was in Singapore:

And here it is as Linnea and I made the sandwhich,.... (miss you, L)

And here are a couple of shots of it all quilted together!!!!

Only the binding remains!!! whooohooo!!

Will post photo of babe and finished quilt after this weekend :)




  1. Awwww! It is so so beautiful! Wonderful job--the baby will love it. :-)

  2. Love is not a powerful enough word to describe my emotions right now! I'm so happy for you, and this quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

    The quilting looks awesome and I'm still really digging the color/fabric combo. Who knew such an unloved bunch of fabrics could turn into something so beautiful?!...oh wait, you did :)

    Mom and Baby are sure to love it as well.

    also...did you trim off all the batting? I thought you were going to use the extra to fill the binding?

  3. thanks gals! I'm so glad you like it!!
    I did leave some of the batting, you just can't see it in these photos. I'm having a hard time knowing how to square up though,.. any suggestions??

  4. If you're confident that your top is square (or close enough to it that no-one, other than yourself, would notice...and which it should be given that your rows are soooo pretty), then I use the cheater method and use my rotary cutter and ruler to measure an equal distance around the outer quilt top edge. Alternatively, use the inner/center block(s) and measure equal distance outwards in all (4) directions marking with a sharpie or something where you want to cut and then connecting the dots to show you where to cut.

    Does that help?

  5. It looks great Maria! The quilting looks so nice on the squares.

  6. How do I score me one of those quilt things there b'y?

    It's beautiful Maria! I am so inspired by you!

  7. Maria, this is gorgeous! One day I hope to aspire to such quilting greats....but for now I will settle for living vicariously. I have to say, though, I do miss seeing these things (AND YOU!) in person :)

  8. I love your quilting! Great pattern. I am not such a fan of my free motion quilting on my pj quilt, but it was a learning project so I will deal. Remember to post photos of the finished product! I just have binding to do now but need to get some pics to show progress too. In need of a digi camera!